Senior Data & Policy Analyst

Jordyn is the Senior Data & Policy Analyst and has been on staff since February 2020. She was first connected with WCJA in 2018 and joined the #BEYONDrosies steering committee in March 2019. In her current role she is dedicated to researching innovative policies that will aid in decarceration and analyzing data to better understand the needs and identities of women and gender expansive people entangled in the criminal legal system.

She holds a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Policy and Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Bachelors in American Studies from SUNY Geneseo. Previous to working at WCJA, she was the Senior Associate of Policy & Advocacy at College and Community Fellowship where she created the Women Influencing Systems & History (WISH) program and trained over 50 women during her tenure.

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