City Council Bill 

Data Transparency of those at Rose M. Singer Center


The Path to Under 100 Report by WCJA and the Lippman Commission recommends improving transparency of aggregate data on the demographics and needs of women and gender-expansive people detained at the Rose M. Singer Center. The legislation would have a non-profit provider collect specific information, which would be anonymized and published every 90 days on the DOC website. Making this information accessible will help policymakers and stakeholders understand trends, adjust practices, target resources, and strategically and safely lower the Rikers population. The anonymized, confidential information would include the following:

  • Reported history of experiencing intimate partner/domestic violence, sex trafficking, physical or sexual abuse, and other trauma.
  • Housing status 6 months prior to detention.
  • Employment status 6 months prior to detention.
  • Primary caregiver status and number of children under 18 years old.
  • Mental health treatment status.
  • Substance use disorder.
  • Physical or intellectual disabilities.



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