Who We Are

The Women’s Community Justice Association (WCJA) is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women and gender expansive New Yorkers affected by mass incarceration. Founded in 2018, WCJA is led by justice-impacted women and focuses on change through policy advocacy, community organizing and service. WCJA leads the #BEYONDrosies campaign and the Justice 4 Women Task Force.

Our Mission

is to fight for a safe, dignified and fair system for justice-impacted women and gender expansive New Yorkers. 

Our Vision

​​is to disrupt and dismantle the unjust, racially charged systems that perpetuate trauma, violence, and harm to women and gender-expansive people, particularly in black and brown communities.

What We Do

#BEYONDrosies Campaign

#BEYONDrosies is a campaign led by WCJA advocating for the women & gender expansive people at the Rose M. Singer women’s jail on Rikers Island. 

  1. Permanently close Rose M. Singer jail on Rikers before the city’s 2027 timeline.
  2. Reduce the Rosie’s population to under 100.
  3. Secure a Women’s Center for Justice–a standalone, centralized, humane facility for those who remain.

Justice 4 Women Task Force (J4WTF) 

The Justice 4 Women Task Force (J4WTF) is a collective of justice-impacted advocates who strategize, organize, and mobilize to fight for women and gender-expansive people in New York jails and prisons and impacted communities. 

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