Who We Are

The Women’s Community Justice Association (WCJA) is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women and gender expansive New Yorkers affected by mass incarceration. Founded in 2018, WCJA is led by justice-impacted women and focuses on change through policy advocacy, community organizing and service. WCJA leads the #BEYONDrosies campaign and the Justice 4 Women Task Force.

Our Mission

is to fight for a safe, dignified and fair system for justice-impacted women and gender expansive New Yorkers. 

Our Vision

​​is to disrupt and dismantle the unjust, racially charged systems that perpetuate trauma, violence, and harm to women and gender-expansive people, particularly in black and brown communities.

What We Do

#BEYONDrosies Campaign

#BEYONDrosies advocates for the women and gender-expansive people at the Rose M. Singer Center (Rosie's) on Rikers Island. Our goals are to:
  1. Decarcerate to under 100.
  2. Close Rosie's before the city's 2027 timeline.

Justice 4 Women Task Force (J4WTF) 

The Justice 4 Women Task Force (J4WTF) is a collective of justice-impacted advocates who strategize, organize, and mobilize to fight for women and gender-expansive people in New York jails and prisons and impacted communities. 

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