Rosies Center

Women & Gender-Expansive People at Rosie’s

  • 70% are caregivers.
  • 82% have a mental illness.
  • 40% of women are less likely than men to be re-arrested within a year.
  • 89% are waiting for their day in court and have not been convicted of a crime.
  • Up to 93% diverted from Rikers have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence.

City's Plan

The city’s plan replaces Rosie’s with a facility in Kew Gardens, Queens. 

  • Manhattan is where the greatest number of those at Rosie’s are charged. Families located there would face long commutes & multiple public transportation transfers to visit loved ones in Kew Gardens.
  • Rosie’s was ranked as the 12th worst jail in the nation for sexual assault. The Queens facility is connected to the men’s building and lacks dedicated gender-responsive and trauma-informed staff for women.

This is the #BEYONDrosies citywide petition. 

Please sign if you support closing the Rose M. Singer Center at Rikers Island.

428 signatures

Will you sign?

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