Last Thursday evening, the Women's Community Justice Association (WCJA) hosted a successful town hall event featuring special guest Senator Julia Salazar to discuss the groundbreaking Preliminary License Application Navigation Act (#PLANAct). The event brought together a panel of distinguished professional, advocates and community members who shed light on the bill's significance, emphasizing equal opportunities for individuals with legal backgrounds and fostering a safer society.

This New York State legislation, introduced by Senator Salazar and Assemblywoman Forrest, aims to reform professional licensing processes in the state, promoting equal opportunities for individuals with legal involvement and fostering a safer society.

Assemblywoman Forrest, who unfortunately couldn't attend the event due to Albany budget negotiations, sent her support via video and shared her thoughts on the importance of the #PLANAct. The evening was moderated by Dr. Victoria Phillips of Visionary V Ministries and featured a panel including Rev. Sharon White-Harrigan, WCJA's Executive Director, Gillian Stoddard Leatherberry of Bronx Defenders, Melissa Ader of Legal Aid Society, and KB White of Legal Action Center.

In her remarks, Rev. White-Harrigan highlighted the importance of the #PLANAct for WCJA and individuals with legal involvement or for “anyone who’s ever wanted a chance.”

Gillian Stoddard Leatherberry provided a detailed breakdown of the bill's key provisions, while Melissa Ader and KB White addressed audience questions with expertise and insight.

In addition to Senator Salazar's inspiring remarks on the need for reform, two women from WCJA's Task Force for Women, Sister Eli and Kelly Briem, spoke to how passage of the #PLANAct would benefit them personally and remove unnecessary red tape that holds women back from pursuing their desired careers.

The evening was filled with community, learning, and vital conversation about the PLAN Act's crucial role in shaping a more inclusive and safer society. WCJA's efforts to promote equal opportunities and advocate for a more just society were deeply inspiring. We encourage everyone to learn more about the PLAN Act and join the movement for lasting change.

If you missed it, don't worry! The #PLANAct Lobby Day in Albany is on May 10th and will be a major milestone in this ongoing journey for reform.

Take action today by supporting the #PLANAct, and RSVP to join us in Albany on May 10 to make your voice heard. And don’t forget to continue to share news about the #PLANAct on social media! Together, we can create a better future for all.

See you May 10th!


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