New York Times columnist Ginia Bellafante featured the #BEYONDRosies campaign to close the Rose M. Singer Center (Rosie’s) on Rikers Island, decarcerate as many women and gender-expansive people as possible, and secure Lincoln in Harlem as a Women’s Center for Justice for those who remain.

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Reverend Sharon White-Harrigan, the Executive Director of the Women’s Community Justice Association, launched the #BEYONDRosies campaign after spending a year at Rosie’s for defending herself during an attempted sexual assault.

"Trauma is the driver of a lot of things. Subconsciously, you have this built-up anger. In this new place [the Lincoln Correctional Facility- hyperlink to petition], we want to operate from a healing perspective. Even if someone had to go upstate for some time, she would know she is on the pathway to healing and wellness," explained Rev. White-Harrigan. 


*Note: The digital version of the article uses the terms “feminist jail” and “inmate,” which WCJA does not support.

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