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The PLANAct will play a significant role and be beneficial to anyone turned down for a job because of their conviction after spending time and money on their education. Rev. Sharon White-Harrigan shared her experience with getting a job and having her past interfere with the process of her getting the job "I felt as if I had been transported back in front of the Parole Board, left to persuade a group of strangers that my character comprised more than my past actions, despite having excelled in my program with a 3.9 GPA at graduation. Fortunately, the board did ultimately recognize that I was not defined by my history and approved my license. But many more are not so lucky." We're so thankful to have Assembly member Phara Souffrant Forrest and Senator Julia Salazar for sponsoring the bill. Let's work together to pass the #PLANAct and help level the employment field for job seekers with a conviction on their record

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